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Wed, Apr. 14th, 2004, 06:36 pm
ghostsofnothing: the difficulty of younger selves

if i could get ahold of mr 18 year old zane right now i would give him a very severe talking to, and perhaps bash him around a little.

but more than utterly despising my former self, there is the dmv...

tell me. what is the logic of, after a 2 year suspension, granting me my license for 1 month, then taking it away again for 1 month? this just seems to very ludicrous, but perhaps one needs super special dmv thought processes to fully comprehend. not to mention that they want me to "surrender" (lovely word, isn't it?) the license plate to a car i've never owned, and apparently, if i don't, the state police shall come and confiscate it. well, good for them. so not gonna get it here, though.

my personal rant for the day. now i must sleep.